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This is the before of my side yard. That Dogwood sure was little. I still haven’t gotten it to bloom. In the forefront is a Clump River Birch. Funny how huge it is now. It was a sick little thing when I got it, as was it’s companion. They seem to have done well so far.

I recently added some wild geraniums that were give to me. They sure smelled good when I dug them up.

Okay, that is all I have for today.

Way too long

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It has been way too long since I have been on here. Life does that to you some times. I have come to believe that I will never live my dream. I can still dream, but I guess I will just have to make do with wherever I am. Today I am still in my house, not sure for how long, but at least the garden is my refuge, even when I don’t get to spend much time there.

So, I plan on going around the outside of the house today and taking “after” pictures. I was looking for some photo’s to put up here to share and was seeing how much things had grown. You don’t think about it when you see it all the time. I was at an acquaintance’s house and their landscape was beautiful, but the chemicals they use. We talked about me becoming her “gardener” but I have a real problem doing anything that isn’t organic. More work but at least you aren’t afraid you are going to die with some horrible disease because you were up to your elbow’s in some chemical – yuck!!

I also FINALLY created a water feature I have been planning for years. I had most of the parts and only had to spend $5 to finish. It took a 5 gallon bucket, a pump, tubing, and a bag of pretty rocks. You sink the bucket in the ground fill it up with water and put the pump in, then you drill holes in the lid to let the water run through and a larger hole for the tubing that pumps the water up. After you put the lid on with the tubing running through it, you put the rocks over the lid to hide it and then you cut the tubing so that it is just level with the rocks. Plug it in and voila!! You have a water feature. I will put a picture of that up as well – easy and cool.

Okay, the morning calls for me to take those pictures!!

Gardening as therapy

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When I feel like I am “loosing it”, I go play in the dirt. It helps because I know I can control what is happening when I am manipulating plants and dirt.

This past weekend, when I was off, I built and installed this small arbor. I have been wanting to add something like this for awhile, and finally got to it. I have morning glories growing at at the base so that they can cover it and you can see them from the window when they droop down. It will also offer protection to the humming birds when they come back. I think I am going to move some of the clematis I have to this as well so that they can grow together and make some interest. I have added gerber daisies in the blue pot in the center. I eventually want to add window boxes which I will make out of old pallets. Once the wood dries I plan on staining it the same color as the deck, when we actually stain it that is.

I have also planted some things in the garden. Beets are the only thing to make it of the first seed planting. I am going to put some potatoes in the ground today. I started some in some trash cans, but I had to cut up the seed potatoes so they could scab over before I planted them. I also moved some herbs here because I wanted a specific place for them and could never decide. I am excited and can’t wait for things to fill in!!

Later that day…..

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Look at my creation!!! Yes, I did this, and you can too!! HA! hahahaha!!! I am proud of myself. I am going to add another one on to this one so that I can turn the contents into the other to help aid in the breaking down of the materials. It is full now because I moved my free standing compost pile into this. Tomorrow, I will go get the rest of those pallets and add on. The cute thing I did was the back pallet has an area at the top there that I closed off at the bottom, added dirt and will plant flowers in!! Yeah, I am soooo smart!!! Hee, Hee!!

Saving money and being Crafty!!

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Compost TumblerMore DIY How To ProjectsYesterday I went to my daughters work and got some pallets to make a compost bin. When I got to researching about making composting things, I found the web site called Instructables and found this cool rotating composter. I can’t find any 55 gallon drums, but plan on doing such a thing in the future. Right now I am sticking with just making a regular, turn it yourself with a yard fork kind:
See full size imageThat is my job today before I go the the money paying job. So, I am off to my project!!!

I haven’t resorted to that….yet.

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Did you know that dandelion greens are very good for you? We haven’t had to resort to eating them to keep the house in these “hard economic times”, but I have to say that if we had to, we wouldn’t starve. I am “that yard” in my neighborhood that everyone drives by and cusses, because of all the pretty yellow flowers that will soon turn to seed and contaminate their own chemically altered golf course like lawns – MMMMWWAaaaahhhhahahahaha!!!!!

  • Dandelions are a good source of calcium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C.
  • One cup of dandelion greens has as much calcium as half a glass of milk.
  • Vitamin A is important for eye health, for building a healthy immune system and for maintaining skin integrity.

If you are considering eating the ones you grow you should make sure that you haven’t used chemicals on your lawn. Otherwise you can buy them from a local farmers market or grocery. In the good old days, dandelions were picked where the grass grew tall and free before the last spring frost and before the first yellow dandelion bloomed. If you wait until after they flower they become bitter and chewy. You can add them to a salad or cook them like spinach or kale and there are a lot of recipes online if you go looking for them.

You should go to this site: http://www.prodigalgardens.info/may%20weblog.htm and find out a lot more about dandelions.